Islamic Republic Of Iran Railways

1000 m2


Methacrylate Urethane Flooring

Diamond Grinding – Wire Brush – Mini Milling

Epoxy Primer

Intermediate Epoxy Coating

Methacrylate urethane primer

Methacrylate urethane Topcoat

In this project, Raspod Company was responsible for supplying and applying a very modern and ultra-high-flexible metacrylate urethane flexible flooring for Iran railway company.
This flooring was applied on the bridge that is the entrance of the station to allow passengers to enter the train from the waiting room. Due to the movement of trains and the creation of vibration and metallic structure of production, the implementation of a durable and quality flooring was very difficult and complicated, which made it impossible to use conventional flooring.

Raspod Company In order to solve this problem, used the technical capabilities of its experts to produced methacrylate Urethane flooring as a super-flexible coating and was implemented in May 2018. Now, after months of exploitation of the project and the lack of the slightest difficulty on the floor, Raspod Company once again proved their technical and operational ability, as well as other projects, with the success of the project.