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At the 2018, Saipa invited the Raspod Company to design, supply and apply the coating of the chamber of weather test room for the Saipa Automotive industry, and was entrusted with the company.
In this project, due to complicated and difficult conditions, such as the temperature range of 40- – 60+ centigrade with temperature variations of 1 ° per minute and relative humidity of 100% of the environment, all previous systems designed and implemented in the environment are 100% Failed.

Following the invitation of Saipa Company, expert engineers of Raspod Company with detailed technical studies firstly considered a special design for sub-concrete, and after its successful implementation, the flexible polyurea flooring system was applied with a thickness of 4 mm. .
and also this product has a very high tensile strength (Elongation% 450) which maintains its tensile strength by up to 100% at a temperature of -30 ° C. This product has been produced and implemented for the first time in Iran in this project.