Manufacturing and applying epoxy flooring for all of Tehran’s pedestrian bridges

Tehran’s beautification organization

12000 M2


Anti-UV Polyurethane Flooring

Wire Brush – Thinner Washing

Zinc-Phosphate Epoxy Primer

Intermediate Epoxy Coating

TDI Polyurethane Topcoat


In the summer of 2015, Raspod Company undertook contracting with the Tehran Municipality beautician to supply and apply polyurethane flooring of Tehran’s pedestrian bridges. used the epoxy zinc phosphate primer for the protection of bridging corrosion,

Also, for leveling and eliminating surface distortion, two layers of intermediate epoxy coating were applied on the previous primer surface and ultimately Anti-UV polyurethane was applied. Fortunately, after several years from the completion of the project, the quality and durability of the coating and technical capacity of the company is confirmed.