High Performance Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer / High Range Water Reducers



Product Introduction

PlastiPod HM admixtures are polymeric high range water reducers that used to improve the rheology characteristics of concrete. Their addition to concrete allows the reduction of the water to cement ratio, not affecting the workability of the mixture, and enables the production of self-consolidating concrete and high performance concrete.



  • Excellent leveling of concrete
  • To provide a concrete mix with exceptional placing characteristics
  • To provide improved durability by increasing ultimate strengths without segregation risk
  • To obtain a high quality concrete mix with accelerated strength development and extended workability without delayed setting characteristics.
  • To build pre-stressed concrete segments
  • Self-Leveling and Self-Compacting concrete



EN934-4 table 3-1 and table 3-2

EN934-2 table 11-1 and table 11-2

ISIRI table 3, ASTM C494 and ASTM C107


  • High water reduction rate: excellent dispersion and saturation, water reduction rates up to 40%, it provides a guarantee that improving the workability and the strength of concrete, meanwhile saving cement.
  • High early strength: Significant increase of early strength and 28 day compressive strength
  • Excellent slump retaining performance. Effectively extend the transport time of concrete and workability, and keep the pumpability.
  • No need to use vibration in case of making self-leveling concrete
  • Powerful plasticizing action with an improved initial workability, easier placing and faster strength development



Production Index

Chemical Structure POLYCARBOXYLATE
Appearance Yellow / Light Brown Viscous Liquid
Density 1.05-1.1 g/cm3
PH 5-9
Solid Content 40-47%
Cl- ≤0.01%
Alkali Content ≤0.5%




20kg and 200kg drum



Please keep it in a cool dry place between 5℃-35℃, avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months



  • Do not add this product to dry mix.
  • Using dosage will be declared in laboratory and site trials.
  • Use MSDS to further safety information.