Superplasticizer – Accelerator





Product Introduction

HM59A is an accelerator superplasticizer based on polycarboxylate ether which extends workability and slump retaining. Also it provide fast initial set.





  • To provide a concrete mix with exceptional placing characteristics
  • Concreting in cold climate
  • To provide fast curing
  • Making high strength concrete





  • EN934-4 table 3-1 and table 3-2
  • EN934-2 table 11-1 and table 11-2
  • ISIRI table 3, ASTM C494 and ASTM C107


  • High water reduction rate: excellent dispersion and saturation, water reduction rates up to 40%, it provides a guarantee that improving the workability and the strength of concrete, meanwhile saving cement.
  • High early strength: Significant increase of early strength and 28 day compressive strength
  • Excellent slump retaining performance. Effectively extend the transport time of concrete and workability, and keep the pumpability.
  • No need to use vibration in case of making self-leveling concrete
  • Powerful plasticizing action with an improved initial workability, easier placing and faster strength development





Production Index

Chemical Structure POLYCARBOXYLATE
Appearance Yellow / Light Brown Viscous Liquid
Density 1.05-1.1 g/cm3
PH 5-9
Solid Content 40-47%
Cl- ≤0.01%
Alkali Content ≤0.5%




20kg and 200kg drum



Please keep it in a cool dry place between 5℃-35℃, avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months



  • Do not add this product to dry mix.
  • Using dosage will be declared in laboratory and site trials.
  • Use MSDS to further safety information.