RB 1114 Zinc Chromate Epoxy Primer




((RB 1114 Zinc Chromate Epoxy Primer))



Product description:

RB 1114 is a two component zinc chromate anti-corrosive primer based on polyamide cured epoxy.


Typical use:

RB… designed to provide anti-corrosive protection to military vehicles and equipment and appropriate to be used for industrial uses on all ferrous & non-ferrous metals including galvanized steel, copper and aluminum.


General properties:

color Yellow, Green or red oxide
Solids by Volume ASTM D2697
Flash Point ASTM D7215
Specific Gravity ASTM D5965 1.3  kg/l
Pot life ASTM D4217 at 6 h



Surface preparation:

The surface should be free of any contamination. Before the operation, the surface should be washed with suitable cleaner and in the presence of oil, grease or other materials using a special solvent. It is also recommended for metal surfaces if there is a metal weld, clean up them to have a smoother surface.



Condition during application:

When the temperature is less than  and more than , and the humidity is more than 85% the paint application should be avoided. The temperature should be above dew point to avoid condensation.






Film thickness per coat:

Dry film thickness
Wet film thickness
Theoretical spreading rate



Application methods:

The coating should not be exposed to oil, chemicals or mechanical stress until fully cured.

The product can be applied:
Spray Use airless spray


Appropriate for stripe coating and small areas. Care should be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness
Roller Care should be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness



Product mixing ratio (by volume):

comp A 4 part(s)
comp B 1 part(s)



Drying and curing time:

Drying and curing times are determined under controlled temperatures and relative humidity below 85 %, and at average of the DFT range for the product.

Substrate temperature
Surface drying 2 h 1 h
Deep drying 15 h 8 h
Dry to over coat 24 h 16 h









The containers must be completely closed and kept in a dry, cool and well ventilated environment. Be careful not to have any heat source near the containers.

Shelf life at
product 12 month (s)



Health and safety:

This product is intended for use of professional applicators. Applicators and operators shall use appropriate protection equipment when using this product. Use it in well ventilated environment and prevent direct contact with skin. Spillage on the skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleanser. Eye should be well flushed with water and medical cleaner.