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Product Introduction

REPOD C200 is fibre reinforced, polymer modified cementitious mortar suitable for heavy duty repairs to concrete, aerated concrete and cementitious structures. REPOD C200 ensures that repairs to new and old structures are waterproof and further protects the concrete from deterioration by preventing penetration of chloride ions, sulphates, etc.





  • Non-shrink
  • High early strength
  • Fast set time
  • Ready to use
  • Thermal movement is similar to that of base concrete
  • Excellent bond to base concrete




The substrate surface must be clean, sound and free from oil, grease, curing compound or any loose materials. It must be mechanically abraded back to a sound concrete surface. It is essential to pre-soak the concrete substrate prior to application of the mortar.

  • Repair of precast concrete
  • Repair of damaged structural concrete
  • Offshore structures and sewage works
  • Marine environments exposed to constant contact with sea water
  • Repairs to aerated concretes and mortars
  • Wherever a highly durable repair topping or render is required to ensure maximum resistance to salt penetration, sulphates and chlorides.

Add 25kg powder to 3.5-5kg water or 2.5 LATEXPOD C100 in the mixer and mix it for 1 minutes. Avoid long time mixing.

Appearance Grey powder
Density in plastic condition 2.2±0.1 gr/cm3
Compressive strength 7 days 45 MPa
Flexural strength 28 days 5 MPa
Initial set time 3 hr




25kg packs



Please keep it in a cool dry place between 5℃-35℃, avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months



  • Do not use this product over 40oC
  • Using dosage will be declared in laboratory and site trials.
  • Use MSDS to further safety information.

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