Raspod Baspar Arya engineering company has been established by a group of polymer and civil engineering and color technology experts graduated from Amir Kabir University of Technology. One of the major goals of the company funders was to reform conventional methods of paint production and application in Iran’s paint industry and to present technical approaches, using the world’s highest technologies of the industry. Other important aims of Raspod Company are to advise, inform, research, develop and reduce both hidden and apparent costs of facility and equipment corrosion in Iran’s industries in order to save national assets. Raspod Company, relying on its well-informed experts, is honored to be one of the few professional companies working in production and application of decorative, industrial, traffic and insulating coatings. Furthermore, during the work on huge projects Raspod research and development team constantly analyzes the quality and performance of the products and enhances them in high-tech laboratories.

The most important missions of Raspod Company are designing, manufacturing and application of High-Tech coating systems, concrete admixtures and coatings, synchronized with the latest developments of paint industry and construction chemicals. Trying to achieve these goals, the company has planned to use the most experienced Iranian and European engineers of epoxy coating, poly urethane, PMMA and other related fields.

Raspod Company has always been determined to implement modern management systems, trust knowledge and effort of its personnel, renovate the working process, enhance the quality and quantity of products and increase its market share in paint industry and construction chemistry. Firm theoretical and practical belief in these goals has made Raspod the greatest company in manufacturing and application of epoxy and poly urethane floor coverings in Iran. And now, after a decade of activity in mentioned areas, relying on its valuable experience and successful completion of over 1000000 m2 professional paint and floor covering projects, Raspod Company has aimed to take part in international markets and more specifically in the regional market.

Raspod Baspar Arya believes that in order to build a developed country, strong non-governmental companies must be allowed and supported to participate in Iran’s manufacturing. We know that success will be achieved through group work and depends on expert knowledge, proficiency knowledge, professionowledge, professionnal markets and specially in 0 mUrethane cesses ised , experience and self-esteem of the personnel. The company values its personnel as a treasure and continuously attempts to improve their technical knowledge, maintain their mental and physical health and respect their human dignity. Raspod has put costumer orientation first and tries to reach maximum customer satisfaction by manufacturing and application of high quality products and providing continuous after sales services. We have a firm belief in healthy work, ethics, fairness and equity and are committed to it while doing their job.

[vc_mad_banners title_font_size=”28″ align=”center” title=”Raspod’s production site” link=”|||”]The company factory is located in Isfahan’s Raazi industrial city and works as one of the greatest center of paint and resin manufacturing in Iran. The factory has a foundation of 10000 m2 and manufactures 80 various products required in other industries. Producing eco-friendly coatings is a major goal of the company. Collaborating with some of the world’s greatest chemical companies like Germany’s EVONIC and Italian professional companies, hence transferring experience and technology of resin and paint and performing mutual projects, has made Raspod a transnational manufacturer. Performing multiple projects for oil refining and distribution companies, petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, car manufacturers , municipalities, universities and construction groups has provided valuable experiences for ral Raspod that can guide it through future achievements.[/vc_mad_banners]
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